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Our Story

About The Urban Scent  - 100% Soy Candle Company


About Us

We are The Urban Scent., a New Jersey-based company founded by two candle-loving friends. During the height of the pandemic, we just wanted to make use of our time to develop our love for candles. Little did we know that a lot of people also have the same passion for soy-based, eco-friendly candles. Thus, The Urban Scent came into being.

We hand-pour our candles and in doing so, we hope that our dedication. love and care for each of our products reach our clients. We take pride in every candle we make and look forward to bringing you wonderful scents to your space.

Our goal is to make candles with alluring scents, classic minimalist design, using eco-friendly materials. We want to come up with a product that is luxurious in every way but does not burn a hole in your pocket. The scents that we are now offering are inspired by nature, the environment, and once you’ve taken a whiff of it, it will surely replenish and rejuvenate your tired body.

Our Materials

As creators, we wanted to use quality materials that not only embody our design goals but also exude beauty and elegance. However, we also kept in mind the environmental impact of the same raw materials. Thus, here at The Urban Scent, we use 100% natural, phthalate-free soy.  Not only are soy candles safe to burn, but they also burn longer. They may be a bit pricier than the usual paraffin-made candles, but since they burn slower, that means you’ll be able to enjoy one soy candle longer than a wax candle of the same size. 

Soy wax-based candles are better than their paraffin counterparts because aside from being sustainable, they are also non-toxic. Soy wax biodegrades and is a fully renewable resource, making our candles the most environmentally friendly option, as well as smelling fantastic. Soy candles also burn “cooler” and as such, you get to enjoy the scent of the candle longer!