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Candles that smell so good you can't just buy just one.

Patrica S.

Black Sea candle is amazing!!! It will last me a long time. My home smells amazing after I burn it.

Marsha B

Urban Scent candles are absolutely amazing! I purchased Clean Cotton candle. Its a wonderful scent, not over powering , clean and just right. Lasts a very long time !!

Certida M.

The Urban Scent Candles & Wax Melts

The Urban Scent all-natural soy candles and wax melts are much more than simply an aesthetic piece of decor. They are time machines that take you back to your most cherished moments, warm hugs from your favorite person, expressions of self-care, and therapeutic tools to get you through the hard times. Delicately crafted and made with care, our soy candles and wax melts  are designed to directly benefit your stress levels, mood, and overall state of mind through the power of fragrance. Choose from our selection of alluring scents and let your worries melt away.