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Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

Made from soybean oil, soy wax candles are a popular type of candle invented by a group of college students back in 1996. Compared to traditional paraffin candles, these are made from a natural and renewable source that is much safer and sustainable when burnt. Also, soy wax candles are more sustainable when compared to paraffin wax candles as they have a lower melting point and produce no soot. 


Sea Salt and Orchid Soy Candle by The Urban Scent


There are some benefits that soy wax candles offer, and some of them are mentioned below. 

Here's Why Soy Wax Candles Are the Best

  1. 100% Natural
    Made from soybeans, a renewable resource, soy wax candles are 100% natural and environment friendly. These candles not only contribute to a greener lifestyle but are less harmful to you and your lungs. These candles also release less soot and toxins in the air, along with burning cleaner and not releasing any toxic substances into the atmosphere.

  2. Long-lasting
    Unlike paraffin wax candles, soy wax candles burn more slowly and evenly because they have a lower melting point. They might be a little expensive, but their low melting point ensures that your candles will burn for a longer time, and their scent will also remain. An extended candle life and long-lasting scents, isn't that a win-win situation? 

  3. Clean Burning
    If you're conscious about the environment using soy wax candles safe will ensure a cleaner burn as these candles have fewer chemicals. When you burn soy wax candles, they will produce less smoke and soot, which is the complete opposite of paraffin candles. If you have young children or adults at home, they will also enjoy the air from wax scents soy candles, which will be clean and full of fragrance.

  4. Easy To Clean
    Do you always run from cleaning candle wax spills as it is no less than a nightmare to scrub them off a surface? With soy wax candles, you won't have to worry about a candle wax spill as it has a lower melting temperature. The low temperature makes the wax easily cleanable with soap and hot water instead of harsh chemicals, which might have side effects. If you spilled soy candle wax on your favorite plate, just run the plate under some hot water.

  5. Great Scent
    Most people invest in scented candles because they love the smell, and it helps them relax and acts as a therapy. Are you also one of those people who prefer investing in candles that have a long-lasting fragrance and can help lighten up the atmosphere? If yes, you will be delighted to learn that soy candles have an amazing scent that is healthy and a perfect choice for aromatherapy.

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