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How To Use Tart Wax – Everything You Need to Know

Candles have been a part of homes worldwide for quite some time now. Adding an element of comfort and coziness in homes, candles now come with various accessories such as soy wax melts, tart wax, melt warmer systems, and more.

The Rise in Popularity of Soy Wax Melts

The origination of soy wax melts, or tart wax, is quite a funny story.  Candlemakers who had excess wax left after pouring candles would bunch it together to create soy wax melts. Now you know why these are so eco-friendly.

Homemade wax melts are made up of pieces of wax. These pieces of wax are entirely wick-less. The soy wax melts then go into a melt warmer which melts the solid composure of the wax. The room will be filled with the scent as the wax melts.  You can also call it tart wax.

How to Use Tart Wax

The major reason behind increased popularity is the ease of usage that comes with store-bought or homemade wax melts. Since there is no wick in these candles, you don't have to use them with voices or candle holders.

The process for using the best scented wax melts is easy. You will need some good-quality scent warmers like the Tart Wax Warmer by The Urban Scent. Next, get the best scented wax melts, such as Black Sea Wax Melts or the White Birch. 

Start by placing your soy wax melts into the melt warmer. You can put more than one at a time. The next step depends on the type of melt warmer you own. If it is an electric one, you have to turn on the switch. However, you can light it up if it is a tea light.

The scent warmers will do their job. Once you are done using it, you can remove the source of heat, i.e., electric or tea light. 

Disposing Of Soy Wax Melts

The environmentally friendly nature is another reason why it is so popular. Disposing soy wax melts an easy task. If you have been using it recently, wait for it to solidify.  You can warm it for a couple of minutes again when it has become solid. Let it get loose, press on the sides, and then it should come right out.

Why Use Tart Wax?

The scented soy wax melts, or tart wax by The Urban Scent is 100% natural and completely flame-free. With these, there is no looming threat of accidental fires. Moreover, wax melts are also extremely easy to use and highly convenient. Adults with children can make great use of these. The wax tarts' compact size and the no-fire policy make them the perfect fit. You also don't need to get any candle holders for tart wax. 

Give your home the love it deserves with these heavenly soy wax melts. Head over to The Urban Scent to grab an eco-friendly and completely customizable candle and wax tart gift set. You can purchase the gift set or get a piece.  

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